Thursday, December 16, 2010


argh! da gemok since cuti nih,, hmm,, i.m thinking to start dieting tomorrow! hahaha. funny.
but i have to.
xnak gemok nanti amik result, haha.
things that i WILL do
1. wake up early.
2. buat triple one shot exercise
3.breakfast.(fruit juice)

today,ABQARI kene marah terok dgn ma, he deserve it.
sape suroh maen pas2 x smpan balek.

p/s : i.m wearing my homemade mask (oat + milk) .. hehehe

first post,

Hey, this is my first time BLOGging.
kinda fun.
well, i just finished my biggest examination, SPM.
so, nothin to do this holidays.