Saturday, January 29, 2011


lately, mmg busy dgn lesen. x sabar nak dapat P. susah betol kene pegi AKADEMi MEMANDU hari hari, dan tunggu ber jam jam untuk belajar beberapa MINIT je. =_="
facebook is like a drug to me .
i dunno whats attract me . but ill open it everyday . duh.
dulu. gila benci cityville, farmville. ect
but now, im actually playing it! haha. great.
i found it quite fun, but after a while,  i get confused how to build more houses. i am beginning to hate it.
ive been GOOGLE-ing a lot of website to find a suitable background for my blog. 
and i did not found any of it that can make me like 'aw,,, cantiknya.' duh. T.T dem.
at last, i chose background from blogger. haha

dekat akademi memandu saya ad orang muka macam BRUNO MARS. hahaha. i noticed it when aisya told me bout it. he got the same hair and skin tone as brunos. haha.

now im using ROCKMELT. it is so easy to use if you are facebook-addict / twitter / or even blogger . haha

lupa nak bagitahu, saya dah jadi chef *chewah*. harhar. x lah. baru buat kek dan tart dah pnggl diri chef. perasan. hahaha. nanti nak buat cupcakes and creme brulee. senang je nampak. XD hahaha.
ive make a non bake oreo cheesecake. and it is sooooo delicious .
habis x sampai sehari. XD