Thursday, March 10, 2011

future husband. XD

haha. gila tajuk. saja je buat tajuk hot. XD
one thing (actually bukan satu) that guys out there should know. boring of your lame tactics. 
i hate when a guy try to make a conversation with me and asking me *boleh berkenalan?*
i was like. euwww.. that was a stupid question! how should  i answer to a question like dat? i don.t want to say *yeah*. it look CHEAP. and how could i say *no*. it would be rude.
if trying to talk with me. just do it naturally . 
and one more.
dont try to ask for my phone number.
i only give it  to a person that i really really know.

 i hate to admit this
i.m jealous when i see my freinds pictures with their love one. 
i want to do dat too.
i hate when i see someone texting their partner.
i want to send a massage to my love one too.
i.m jealous when people change their relationship status to *in a relationship with blah blah*

i want someone in my life.
but not just a boyfriend.
i want a guy that can be my bestfriend,   my husband,my  enemy , and. blah blah. 

tee hee :)


  1. hahahaa...lame2!~..dop malu kabo nok ag!!..bkn ke kaw da ader husband iaitu ak!!..haahhahaaaa..XD

    jom kiter amik gambo duew!!hohohoooo..piss2!!

  2. kahkah. ye ah. dok ingt tery. hahaa.
    mg husband paling gemuk nga bengong. XD

  3. hahhahaaa!!! pe dapat husband cam ak!!ngek2!!!